Danses apprises en 2008-2009

Niveau 1
Cowboy Madison
Lindy Shuffle
Cowboy Charleston
AB Whirl
Broken Heart
Rodéo Blues
Up To No Good
Save Horse Ride Cowboy
Peaches & Cream
El Paso
One O One
Jingle Bell Rock
Stealing The Best
Come Dance With Me
Jungle Freak
Tura Line Dance
The Bee Stomp
Home To Louisiana
Jailhouse Creole
Get Down The Fiddle
Niveau 2
Caught In The Act
Zjozzys Funk
Bare Essentials
Wild Stallion
Up To No Good
Crazy Foot manbo
Bosa Nova
Cute Cute Cute
Jingle Bell Rock
Urban Grace
Drowsy Maggie
Scottia Samba
Country Roads
Polka Dot
Party 4-2
The Trail
Get Reel
Cajun Celtic


Niveau 3
Will You Love Me
Country As A Boy Can Be
Good To Be Us
Galway Girls
Donegan's Reel
All Summer Long
Travelling Music
10 Years Of My Life
Mr Policeman
Moonlight Kiss
Billy's Dance
Poker Face


Faite en stage
I Kiss A Girl
Rock'n 50
Celtic Kittens
Loosen Up
Alligator Rock
Head Phones
One More Midnight
Doctor Doctor
Chill Factor
One Woman Man
Walking the Line
Patient Heart

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