Danses apprises en 2007-2008

Niveau 2 2007 – 2008
Hooked On Country
Zjozzy's Funk
Katie's Charleston
Good Time Friday Night
Up To No Good
Cotton Pickin morning
Grundy Gallop
Sugar & Pai
Jingle Bell Rock
Cute Cute Cute
Tush Push
Celtic Connection
Crazy Foot manbo
Hearts & Flowers
Get Reel
Duelling Dancers
Wild Stallion


Niveau 3 2007 – 2008
Fisher's Horpipe
Katie's Charleston
All About Country
Down On The Corner
My Greek N '1
Leaving Of Leaverpool
Kill The Spider
Wishfull Thinking
Dancing Violin's
Helluva Polka
Ballymore Boys
Cannibal Stomp
Rock Around The Clock
Pot Of Gold
California Blue
Atomick Polka
Just Minute
Sugar & Pai

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